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Councillor John Mallon

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I have lived in Whitefield for over 25 years, and during this time I have been involved in various community activities. I have been involved with the formation of one of the first Credit Unions in Bury and would encourage residents to join their local Credit Union. This is an important part of the battle against ever increasing personal debt and the problem of loan sharks and expensive loan companies.


Since leaving school I have worked in the aircraft industry in Manufacturing, Design and Maintenance capacities. It is a disappointment that our technologically leading aircraft industry has suffered thousands of job cuts in recent years. It saddens me that this has greatly reduced the opportunities for our young people to train and work in rewarding and exciting work which generates real advantages and benefits for our country.


As a governor at two local schools I believe that our young people are our town’s most valuable asset. Our schools work hard to give our children and young adults the best start in life. It will be their knowledge, skills and energy on which the future of Bury’s prosperity depends.


Through my work in PilkingtonPark I feel that the residents have a real choice in who they would like to be their representative on Bury Council. Recent Local Election results clearly show that Labour now has a very real presence in our area and it is one that has succeeded in helping and supporting people with their concerns and issues.


It is important that, as our town of Bury is being targeted by the coalition government for further cuts, our area has someone to speak out on behalf of residents, rather than having representatives who will say nothing against the relentless reduction of Bury’s government funding.


Trees Lights Feb 2012 Talking with Resident Pictured: Talking with a resident of  the Trees Estate about the need for traffic lights at the junction of Chestnut  Avenue and Bury  New Road. John listens to the concerns of the residents about the potential risks at this junction. This is an important issue for residents of the Trees Estate. John is continuing to represent the concerns and views of the residents





Pictured: Out and about campaigning to save our NHS against the constant threats of privatisation. John is pictured with Councillor Joan Grimshaw inviting people to sign up to Labour’s Campaign to Save Our NHS. This is clearly a very important issue for the people of Whitefield and Bury. We have all benefitted from the care and services of our local GP’s surgeries and hospitals.



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