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Councillor Eamonn O’Brien

Tel: 07849 317026

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I am 24 years old and have lived in St Mary’s Ward, Prestwich all my life.  I am currently studying for a Masters in History at the University of Manchester and working as President of the Manchester Universities’ Catholic Chaplaincy. I also coordinated the set-up of the country’s first student-led food bank at the Chaplaincy, which opened in early October 2013 and sit on the Board of Trustees.


My interests and activities in Prestwich include supporting localism and regeneration. I enjoy being out on the doorstep talking to residents and acting upon their concerns. I support and promote various projects including the Bury Credit Union in Prestwich and have recently been made a Trustee of Prestwich Methodist Youth Association (PMYA), which runs the Phoenix Centre in St Mary’s Park. At Bury Council I sit on the Overview and Scrutiny committee and the Borough’s Youth Cabinet.


I also attend Our Lady of Dolours Church and serve there as a reader. I am an active member of CAFOD and volunteer at their Salford Office to support the social media, campaigning and young person’s teams.


Noel Bayley

Councillor Noel Bayley

Tel: 0161 796 1690



My name is Noel Edward Bayley. I was born in Withington and brought up in Wythenshawe. I had hoped to follow my father into the newspaper industry but, when my time came to leave education the only jobs I could get were working on a scheme for Keep Britain Tidy and temping, ironically on the British Gas Share Issue.


I lived in South Manchester until the age of 21, when I moved to London, as jobs were so scarce in Manchester. I stayed in London for a year or so, working at the MoD, before returning to Manchester. Unfortunately, jobs were still not easy to come by. I was unemployed for some time and occasionally did stints temping in factories and warehouses.


I moved to Bury in the early 1990s and I eventually got a job working at Customs & Excise on a short-term contract and I was soon offered a permanent job working for the Disability Benefits Centre in Manchester City Centre. I moved to Radcliffe in the mid ‘90s.


Soon after I moved the short distance across the City Centre to Manchester Town Hall, where I still work. I am the local shop steward and until I stepped down last year, I had been the Branch Chair of Manchester Unison – one of the country’s largest Local Government union branches.


I now live in Whitefield.Although I did not come from this area originally, I chose to live here almost half a lifetime ago – and I have stayed ever since as I like this part of the world.


I got involved in local politics a few years ago, partly as an extension of trade unionism and also because I am keen on local issues, particularly public transport. Mrs Thatcher once reportedly said: “A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure.” Well, I’m over the age of 26 and I do not believe that I am a failure because I get on a bus to work.


In fact, as a long-time environmentalist, some-time cyclist and daily public transport user, my main interest is public transport. I sit on the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee (TfGM) and I am Bury’s public transport spokesperson. Amongst other roles I am a member of the Six Town Housing board and the Licensing Panel and have been since being elected in May 2011.


jane blackCouncillor Jane Black
Tel:  0161 773 3744



I grew up in Prestwich and have lived in St Mary’s ward for 20 years. I know the area very well and have strong social and family networks here.  I am married with two daughters, aged 20 and 22. Our dog Dylan often comes out leafletting, and has been active on the campaign trail!


I was for many years a full-time working parent, juggling work, childcare and home responsibilities. I worked in local government and in the voluntary sector, and have managed health, children and young peoples’ services, regeneration projects and adult education and training.


I regularly help residents resolve a range of problems to do with the environment, financial matters, planning, highways and more. My interests include the regeneration of Prestwich,  supporting local independent businesses and promoting environmental improvements.


I am now a Deputy Cabinet member for Modernisation and Efficiency, and in this role assist with policy and planning within the Council. Even in these difficult times, we are supporting new housing developments, better services for dementia and promoting public health for all.

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