What a load of rubbish – St Mary’s Labour Team cleans up !!

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PICTURED: Left to Right: Labour’s St Mary’s Ward Candidate Eamonn O’Brien, Daniel Kemp and Cllr Jane Black with bags of rubbish collected from the community litter pick.



Last Saturday, residents of St. Mary’s Ward took part in a local community litter pick in the Butterstile Lane, Venwood Road and Drinkwater Park area. This was organised by community activist and Labour candidate in the upcoming local elections Eamonn O’Brien.


Eamonn said: ‘While I stand here waiting for my bus I can’t help noticing the rubbish that has accumulated on the road, street and grass verges around the area. Also, I’ve had many local residents raise this issue with me on our regular roving surgery sessions held throughout the last year. I wanted to do something about this.’


Sarah Lascelles was one of the local residents who helped out. Sarah was angry at the amount of dog mess left around in plastic bags. Sarah said ‘I simply don’t get it – if people have taken the trouble to bag their dog’s waste, why can’t they also take it home, or pop it in a bin? I picked up far too many of these bags today!’ Another local resident, Daniel Kemp, said ‘We filled 15 sacks of rubbish in only an hour and a half, it was all stuff people could have taken home with them.’


Councillor Jane Black said that Bury Council had provided litter grabbers and red plastic bags. ‘The Council’s cleansing team do a great job, and are out every week in Prestwich. Last Monday they rapidly cleared rubbish on the trail from St. Anne’s Rd into the Clough, on the same day it was reported. But they can’t be everywhere, and we need everyone to take personal responsibility for keeping Prestwich looking good’.


The seven Prestwich Labour Councillors work with residents all year round to act on their concerns. If any residents want to organise a local litter pick, the Prestwich Labour Councillors will join in and support them to do this.


To find out more, contact your local Councillor on their website page where their contact details are listed.

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