Unsworth Labour Party rally for Credit Union

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PICTURED: From L to R Cllr David Jones, Cllr Joan Grimshaw & Community Activist Paul Adams








































Unsworth Labour Party took to the streets today (19 October 2013) to publicise the launch of Bury’s first borough wide credit union.

The Credit Union, which will be officially launched next week, will offer good rates for savers and fair rates for borrowers.

It is being backed by Manchester Credit Union and is supported by Bury Council and Six Town Housing.



Unsworth Community Campaigner Paul Adams said “I’m glad that Bury’s Labour Council has taken the lead in trying to tackle the scandal that is payday lending. The credit union is good news for those that want to save and have been hit hard by low interests and those that want to borrow sensibly and get an affordable rate. This is an attractive proposition for all of Bury’s residents and if they support it we can all benefit.”


Unsworth Councillor and Deputy Mayor Joan Grimshaw commented: “I’ve already been involved in setting up a local Credit Union at St Bernadette’s so I know what a positive impact they can have on people’s lives. I would urge people to give it a try.”


“It was a really good day and we gave out almost 200 information packs about the credit union. People were very receptive and think it is a great idea. We wanted to show residents that Bury Labour Party will be on their side in tough times.” added Unsworth Councillor David Jones.



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