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Four years ago the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats made a number of pledges in the run up to the 2010 General Election. When they cozied up to one another in power a lot of those promises went out of the window.


-A pledge by the Conservatives in opposition not to carry out a top  down reorganisation of the NHS was followed by a………… top down reorganisation of the NHS costing almost £2bn.  People now struggle to get appointments with their GPs in good time.


-A pledge to remove tuition fees altogether by the Liberal Democrats was met by an unprecedent increase. The maximum payable from 2012 is £9,000 per annum, leaving many students relunctant to go to University and be lumbered with a mortgage-esque level of debt before they even start working.


-And of course the pledge not to raise VAT by the Liberal Democrats pre-general election was met by a increase from 17.5% to 20%, meaning that the cost of living for hard working families increased by over £350 per year on average, at at a time when the Con-dem Government gave tax cuts to millionairres.


Watch Labour’s latest election broadcast by clicking on the link below:-


You can’t trust the Conservatives or Lib Dems, you never could.



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