“Support Village Greens Co-op” urges Prestwich Councillor & Activists

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Residents in Prestwich are embarking on ambitious plans to create a community-owned food co-operative. A community share offer has been launched with the aim to raise the £120,000 needed to establish the enterprise committed to offering organic, sustainable &  affordable produce.

‘Village Greens’ is the name that has been given to the new co-operative society.  Its  aim is to create volunteer opportunities, offer employment and raise awareness on issues such as food wastage, shopping with limited budgets and improving health and wellbeing with healthy food.

Sedgley Councillor Andrea Simpson said “This is an exciting opportunity to invest in our own co-operative in Prestwich with the shop being situated at the old Blockbuster site in the Longfield Centre. I would urge people to get involved. I am delighted to say I have already invested and I am looking forward to the Co-op getting off the ground.”
Local Holyrood Campaigner Catherine Preston said “I am very excited about this project. A real positive is that people are planning on buying from local suppliers which will sustain the local economy and providing ethical organic food at a reasonable price.  The emphasis is on reducing waste and promoting healthy eating which is in everyone’s interest.”


Prestwich Activist Eamonn O’Brien, who has been instrumental in setting up Manchester’s first student run foodbank, saidVillage Greens Co-op is inclusive to everyone, Prestwich residents can support this idea by buying shares, making donations, helping in the organisation and finally shopping in Village Greens which is likely to be up and running by February next year if it receives the £120,000 investment that is required.”

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