St Mary’s Team Raise Residents’ Issues at PACT Meeting

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Councillor Jane Black and local campaigner Eamonn O’Brien attended St Mary’s PACT (Police and Communities Team) this Monday evening, along with local residents from St Mary’s Ward. There has been a change in the St Mary’s policing team, which has seen PC Andy Ferguson replace PC Mike Taylor as our St Mary’s Ward Police Officer.


St Mary’s Councillor Jane Black said: “I would like to thank PC Taylor for his hard work in serving the people of St Mary’s. It is essential that our local ‘Beat Bobbies’, like PC Taylor, have been willing to communicate with local residents and take their concerns on board.”


St Mary’s campaigner Eamonn O’Brien said: “It’s great to welcome PC Andy Ferguson back to St Mary’s! His previous experience here will make him a great asset in making our community safer and he is very willing to listen to local residents about how to do this.”


During the meeting residents from Gardener Road, Rectory Green, Prestwich Hills and elsewhere voiced their concerns about various issues. In particular, anti-social behaviour was reported along Gardener Road and around Rectory Green, so this will now be a PACT priority.


Also, Eamonn O’Brien raised the issue of parking problems around local schools, especially on Butterstile Lane, Sandy Lane and Agecroft Road West. He said: “Residents around Butterstile Primary have spoken to me about this problem and would like to know what can be done to improve the situation.” Resulting from this the PACT team have also made this a priority and have committed to working alongside the Council and the local schools to educate parents on the problem and find adequate alternatives.


The PACT team also gave an update on the issue of fireworks and Bonfire Night celebrations, including road closures, safety tips and the deadline for setting off fireworks at night.


If you are interested in coming along to the next PACT meeting please follow @GMPPrestwich, @JaneLBlack, @Eamonn_OB or @PrestwichLabour for updates on time, place and date!

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