St Mary’s Team act over transport issues!

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PICTURED: Community Activist Eamonn O’Brien


The St Mary’s Labour Team has welcomed the recently improved bus stops throughout the ward. After some concerns from local residents about inconvenience and disruption to the bus service both local campaigner Eamonn O’Brien and local Councillor Noel Bayley raised concerns with TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester).


Eamonn O’Brien said: “As someone who actually uses public transport in Bury and Manchester I’m glad to see these improvements. But more still needs to be done. We need a greater number of modern buses on our local routes and better reliability, with an up-to-date bus tracking system. Therefore the local Labour team and I will continue to campaign on these issues.”


Cllr Noel Bayley, who oversees the work of TfGM, added: “Improvements like these are a good sign that our efforts in recent times can result in change. It is important therefore that we all continue to pass on our comments, ideas and complaints in order to see even more positive changes in future.”


Local residents can pass on their thoughts to TfGM here:

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