St Mary’s Councillors tackle Butterstile Primary parking issues

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Pictured: St Mary’s  community activist Eamonn O’Brien and the re-painted zig-zag ‘No Parking lines’



After talking with local residents around Butterstile Primary School your local St Mary’s campaign team has been working to reduce to issue of inconsiderate, unsafe or even illegal parking by parents.


Local campaigner Eamonn O’Brien, who lives on Butterstile Lane, commented: “From personal experience I can sympathise with many of my neighbours and fellow residents who have raised this issue with me.


“Part of the issue is that parents are often unaware of the problems that come with parking near the school, so we have ensured that the zig-zag ‘No Parking’ lines have been re-painted (see picture) and support Bury’s ‘Safer Schools Parking Banner’ initiative, which aims to educate and encourage parents to think more about children’s safety and residents near schools. This is why I believe it is so important to be out on the doorstep talking to residents, all year round!”

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