St.Mary’s councillors call on the Britannia Hotels Group to fence off grot spot

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3cllrspoppies - Version 2The three Labour councillors representing St.Mary’s ward have written to the Britannia Hotels Group, owners of a piece of land opposite St.Mary’s Primary School on Rectory Lane.

Cllr. O’Brien says: ‘This land is frequently full of rubbish, and has been cleared several times by the Council’s cleansing team, at no cost to the owner. It was also cleaned up by concerned residents during a community cleanup event. However this problem is a recurring one, therefore we have recently written to the owners asking them to fence the site off. “

Cllr.Bayley said: “This site is a health hazard. Some time ago, we found a sharp knife amongst rubbish on the site, and there has been broken glass and other sharp objects. Being so close to the school, the site is a danger to young children. A fence would deter rubbish dumping, and also protect the landowner from potential liability issues.

Cllr. Black, a governor at St.Mary’s Primary School which faces the site, states: “I’ve been told by the school that parents and grandparents are very concerned about the constant mess and the lack of action by the owners. The Council keeps clearing it but this situation can’t continue. Frankly we are appalled at the owner’s attitude. Councillors in this ward work in partnership with residents to improve the environment, and to encourage community responsibility for litter. We also work closely with our local businesses on environmental issues, so we hope that this large hotel group will look sympathetically at this request.

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