Sedgley Councillor lambasts ‘incompetent’ Government over £4Bn waste of Taxpayers’ money

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On 15th August the BBC’s North West Tonight carried a story over the decision in 2010 by the Coalition Government to scrap the Nimrod MRA4 aircraft. Nimrod were mainly built and assembled in Greater Manchester.  Aircraft fitter and Sedgley Cllr Alan Quinn (pictured) commented as follows:-

The news story stated that the RAF have already looked at a new maritime patrol aircraft from Airbus, an Airbus Military C-295, as a replacement for Nimrod. It was flown into RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire for inspection.”

“It’s scandalous that barely 3 years since 9 brand new Nimrods were cut up by bulldozers and sold off for scrap, costing the tax payer almost £4BN, the RAF are now saying that it was the wrong decision, indeed as the BBC reports the House of Commons Defence Select Committee says that there is a massive “capability gap” in Britain’s air defences caused by the decision to scrap Nimrod.”






A picture of one of the state of the art Nimrods dismantled in 2010, at a cost of £4BN to the British Taxpayer (courtesy of



“The Nimrods as well as performing search and rescue duties protected our nuclear submarines by detecting foreign vessels around the UK that would try to follow them  to learn how they operated. We now have no such alternative which is why the RAF are looking at ways to plug the gap. The alternative being looked at, the C-295, is vastly inferior to the Nimord, it’s like scrapping your Bentley and then buying a Ford Focus.”


“This is yet another example of this Government’s incompetence. They have always lectured us on how prudent they are with the nation’s finances, perhaps they’d like to explain how they manage to waste £4 billion of our money and compromised the nation’s security.”





The potential Nimrod replacement the Government are now looking at, the propeller powered C-295.


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