ROC Centre in Radcliffe welcomes Ivan Lewis

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Lawrence Bettany, National Development Manager for Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) was delighted to welcome Ivan Lewis MP this week to visit the ROC Centre in Radcliffe which forms part of his constituency.


ROC Centres are a resource for the whole community – a place where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can meet up and benefit from the different activities and support which ROC provides.


Ivan was very interested to learn about the range of projects offered and commented:




“Redeeming our Communities (ROC) does a great job in revitalising areas and giving them fresh hope and impetus. The ROC Centre in Radcliffe is a really vital community resource that helps people grow and develop. Having a place where young people can express themselves in a safe environment is crucial. The fact that the ROC Centre helps keep young people off the streets is not only better for them but also the wider community in reducing instances of anti-social behaviour. I was very impressed by what I saw and had a great time taking part in the activities!”


Projects include ROC Café – a multi-agency children and youth meeting place which provides activities such as ROC Sports and ROC Football, ROC Care which helps older people and ROC Restore a proven and highly effective alternative to existing approaches to reducing conflict, anti-social behaviour, neighbourhood disputes, bullying, crime and re-offending.




Existing police and fire services data shows that where these projects have been set up rates of crime have fallen by up to 75% and the incidence of secondary fires (skip/wheelie bin fires) has reduced by 25%.”


Lawrence added:


 “ROC projects make a real difference to the quality of life for individuals but they also benefit the wider community and help free up scarce resources for our emergency services”.

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