Rishi Shori appointed new Chair of Bury’s Health & Wellbeing Board

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Radcliffe Councillor Rishi Shori has been chosen to replace Dr Audrey Gibson as Chair of Bury’s Health & Wellbeing Board.


The Board’s role is to devise the health strategy for the borough of Bury and work with partners such as the NHS to implement the strategy.


Councillor Shori who is currently Bury Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Health & Housing said “I am delighted to have been appointed to the role of Chair. I am passionate about improving the health of the people in the town and challenging the huge health inequalities that are faced in some areas of Bury.


“The Health & Wellbeing Board will not just look at the traditional means of ensuring that people remain healthy. We will look at the wider determinants such as ensuring there is good quality affordable housing available and a strong local economy to ensure people have access to jobs”.

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