Radcliffe Residents and Councillors CLEAN UP!!

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PICTURED: Community Activists and Councillors with Bury South MP Ivan Lewis (centre).



Radcliffe East Councillors Nick Parnell, Matt & Daisy Bailey organised a community litter pick over the weekend (Sat 8 March). The litter pick targeted the Withins Lane play area and surrounding back streets which lies in Radcliffe East Ward.


A small group of residents, Councillors and Bury South MP Ivan Lewis met to clean the play area. Dozens of bin bags of rubbish were collected.


Councillor Nick Parnell (pictured below)  said: “Recently the issues of fly tipping and littering have become a real issue in Radcliffe. With the Council facing cuts of up to £52m which is almost half its budget, it cannot take sole responsibility for keeping Radcliffe clean anymore. What we achieved here today was great. This is the first of many community litter picks we plan to organise many more.”




Ivan Lewis MP said “It was great to see so many people pulling together to lend a hand. Radcliffe is a beautiful place and it was heartening to see so many passionate residents working hard to keep it that way. I’m only too happy to lend a hand.”


Radcliffe resident Yvonne Shawcross said: “It’s no good moaning about how dirty Racliffe is, people need to do something about it. It is not the Council that drops litter it is inconsiderate people. I came out today because I wanted to keep my town clean. I hope others will do the same on other litter picks.”


It is planned that the next community litter pick will take place near Bolton Road Park in April.

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