“Radcliffe on the Rise” says Ivan Lewis

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I was delighted to hear about the plans to develop Radcliffe Town Centre which includes the refurbishment of the Market Hall, the building of a new bus station, and the potential of an anchor tenant on the Town Centre side of Pilkington Way.


I have long argued that Radcliffe has been treated like a poor relation and at times left behind with investment being made in other areas.


I am delighted to see, however, that even in this difficult economic time, Radcliffe is finally beginning to get the investment it deserves.


Labour led Bury Council has ‘stepped up to the plate’ and let its actions speak louder than words, at times went budgets have been slashed, it has shown real leadership.





Despite the above, I appreciate that things are far from perfect.















PICTURED: Ivan Lewis outside Radcliffe Riverside High School ” I will not stop fighting for a new school.”


Undoubtedly my bitterest moment in 16 years as the local MP was the failure to secure a new State of the Art High School in Radcliffe as the local Tory Council, in power at the time in Bury, pulled the plug on funding the proposed new school back in 2007.


Undoubtedly my sweetest will be the day when the largest Town in Bury finally has a Secondary School where local children can prosper. The staff of Radcliffe Riverside have been magnificent, but when it closes in 2014, the hole it will leave in the education of Radcliffe’s children will be less of a gap, but more a yawning chasm. I will not stop fighting for a new school.


But I sense that at last, in the positive things I have referred to above, the calls for the investment of hard cash in Radcliffe, as opposed to meaningless warms words, are finally being heeded.


I know the journey is long, but at least we have taken the first few steps. Labour is delivering.



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