Prestwich parking improvements on the way – thanks to your Labour councillors

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Work is underway to develop a comprehensive car parking strategy for Prestwich – thanks to Prestwich Labour. Councillors regularly receive a host of complaints about parking. These include complaints about irresponsible parking by motorists, the lack of adequate parking in some areas, problems at schools and more. Because of this, last summer, the Prestwich councillors asked to meet with Council officers to discuss a list of parking related concerns and issues highlighted by residents and businesses. And it was a long list!

Since then, councillors have met several times with officers, and two courses of action have been agreed: firstly, to identify some immediate short term improvements, and also to develop a Parking Strategy to plan for long term change.

As an initial response, the car-park on Clifton Road will shortly become “short-stay” only, with parking restricted to a two hour maximum stay. In this way, shoppers will have easier access to another convenient car-park in the heart of Prestwich centre. Parking here will be free, but tickets must be displayed.  A ticket machine will be installed, and signs put up to highlight to change. Nearby businesses were consulted and their views taken into account.  As a result the two hour period will end at 6pm so that parking can be used for longer when people visit local restaurants. Sunday will be unrestricted.

Councillor Jane Black said: “we hope that this will help more local shoppers who often find it difficult to find a parking space close to the shops on Bury New Road.’

Studies are also being carried out of areas across Prestwich where there are particular parking stresses, e.g. areas where residential properties are close to businesses, schools, places of worship, etc.  This has been used as a starting point for identifying possible conflict areas. Site visits have been carried out to assess whether different demands on parking lead to local problems. In addition, data has been gathered from previous requests and complaints received from residents and businesses. The Strategy will set priorities and act as a framework for improvements over time.

A presentation and discussion will be held at the March meeting of the Prestwich Township Forum on March 12th 2015. This will be held at the Langfield Suite from 6.30pm and all are welcome.
Following this, residents and businesses will be invited to have their say on how the Parking Strategy should be developed and to highlight particular local areas of concern.

St.Mary’s Councillor Noel Bayley said:

“For some time now we’ve been aware of concerns people have had about car parking in Prestwich, so we’re reacting positively to ensure that we meet people’s needs as best we can. We know what a great place Prestwich is and we want to make it as accessible and convenient to park as possible. There are clearly many conflicting priorities and the creation of a Parking Strategy is an attempt to resolve these conflicts amicably. I would encourage Prestwich residents and businesses to come along to the Township Forum and have your say on this important issue.”

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