Prestwich Labour Team Delivers on Grid Clearing

Lowther Road Hill Potholes 1

PICTURED: Eamonn O’Brien outside a cleaned grid on Lowther Street



Your local Labour team has instigated a Prestwich-wide grid clearing operation after the recent heavy rains highlighted the problem of blocked grids. Many areas were affected by this problem, so it has took some time to clear all the grids but it is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. A particularly bad spot was the hill section of Lowther Road (pictured).


Local St Mary’s Ward candidate Eamonn O’Brien stated “During our door knocking sessions over the past year we have had many concerns raised with us like street cleaning, regeneration in Prestwich and potholes. But after the bad weather a few months back we noticed a big increase in the issue of blocked grids causing problems for residents. In particular, I spoke to residents on Lowther Road about this, so I’m happy to announce that we have taken action and got this issue dealt with.”


St Mary’s Councillor Jane Black added, “Since our LibDem councillor, who actually lives just off Lowther Road, has done nothing about this, it’s just another example of how Labour does the work and the Lib Dems do nothing but complain!”


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