Prestwich Labour is helping drivers to Shop Local

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A proposal to create two-hour short stay parking in Prestwich town centre will soon be put forward for public consultation.



The aim is to help local businesses  who have raised concerns that customers are unable to park on the smaller car parks due to workers leaving their cars there all day.


The initiative follows a ‘parking summit’ called by the eight Prestwich Labour councillors in August. Following this the Council has agreed to develop a Parking Strategy  for Prestwich.This strategy will seek ideas from the public, and go out to consultation, to be sure the right issues are addressed.


In the meantime, it was also agreed to look at tackling a number of issues in the short term, one of which is to introduce short-stay parking on the Clifton Road car park.


Parking would remain free of charge, but be limited to a maximum of two hours. Drivers would need to put a parking ticket on their windscreen so that the amount of time they park there can be monitored.  A machine and signs would be installed.


The proposal will be advertised in the local press on 27 November 2014 and notices will be posted on site. Residents and businesses will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and no decision will be made until any objections received during the consultation process have been considered.


St.Marys Councillor Jane Black, who chairs the Prestwich Regeneration Group says: ” This is the first of a number of parking improvements proposed in Prestwich. The car park will remain free of charge for short stay visitors. We want small car parks around Prestwich to be made more accessible to shoppers so that they can spend money locally. ‘


Sedgley councillor Alan Quinn says, ‘I’ve had lots of conversations with one business who is losing trade because his customers can’t park easily. This will be a great help to him, and other local traders.’



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