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Last Saturday morning, Prestwich residents were queuing up for two hours to sign up to Labour’s campaign to save the NHS.


Over 200 people visited the street stall held by Prestwich Labour Councillors, supported by local campaigners, Catherine Preston and Eamonn O’Brien.


Eamonn said: ‘I am here because people now face the longest A&E waiting times for almost a decade. At the General Election the Tories promised that the NHS was safe in their hands. But on their watch, the North West has lost 1,247 nurses, ambulance waiting times have doubled and A&E waits have reached a nine year high’.




PICTURED: Prestwich residents sign the petition to save the NHS.



Catherine added: ‘I have seen how Tory cuts to funding for care services mean many more older people can’t get the care they need at home, so increasingly have to check into hospital. Professionals agree that Tory cuts to elderly care are a major cause of the current A&E crisis’.


Labour’s rescue plan for the NHS would start right now. Labour is calling for this year’s NHS underspend to be put towards protecting local care services. This would take pressure off A&E and stop the scandal of older people losing the vital care they need to stay in their own home.


Local MP Ivan Lewis backs this plan, saying that ‘David Cameron should do the right thing by patients in Prestwich and Bury South who have been hit by the A&E crisis, and apologise for breaking his promise to keep our NHS safe.”


All Prestwich Labour Councillors, together with Ivan Lewis, work in close partnership with GPs, hospitals and healthcare providers. Many of these are are struggling to cope, thanks to Government cuts and a £3 billion top down re-organisation that nobody wanted and nobody voted for.

“The response from local people was magnificent” said Sedgley Councillor Andrea Simpson who works in the NHS as a practice manager, “they were queuing up to sign our petition, there is genuine anger that this government is selling off our much loved NHS by stealth.”


Cllr  Alan Quinn added, “The ambulance service has been sold off to a bus company and the part of the blood transfusion service that deals with plasma supplies is being sold off to an American private equity company, it’s scandalous.”



“David Cameron said he’d cut the deficit not the NHS” added Alan.




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Pictured: Cllr Michael James, Andrea Simpson

and Cllr Alan Quinn with a copy of the signed NHS petition



Pictured: Cllr Alan Quinn, Catherine Preston &

                                                                                                                                                                            Eamonn O’Brien


Many residents visiting the street stall had experience of these changes on NHS treatment, and those working in the NHS had experienced first hand the pressures on the system.


Prestwich Labour sees the launch of this local campaign as just the start, and is out regularly in all wards meeting with residents and taking forward action on the issues that concern them.












Pictured: Catherine Preston, Cllr Gill Campbell, Ivan Lewis MP & Cllr Paddy Heneghan

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