My 5 local pledges for Bury South

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Since 1997 I have had the honour of being your local Member of Parliament. I was born, raised & have lived all my life in the constituency.


For me, Bury South is not just a place to live, it has been my home for over 40 years, where I have learnt about life.


I am passionate in wanting to see things improve and based on the conversations I have had with people from all across the constituency these are my commitments to ensure that Bury South becomes a better place to live over the next 5 years:-


1. Fight for a Fair Deal for Prestwich, Radcliffe, Unsworth & Whitefield, by applying pressure on the new Government to get better funding for the NHS and Council; campaign for more powers and funding to be devolved from Bury Town Hall to each local township area;


2. Regeneration of Village/Town Centres. I will work with the Council and private sector to secure the regeneration of Prestwich, Radcliffe and Whitefield;


3. A new Secondary School for Radcliffe. Prestwich and Whitefield/Unsworth each have two secondary schools. Radcliffe has none. So I will work with local families to develop a plan for a new school to be submitted to Bury Council and the Government;


4. New residents & community groups. Strengthen local communities by working with Councillors to develop and support at least two new resident & tenant/community groups in each ward;


5. Engage Young People in Politics. Develop a programme with local schools and colleges to engage young people in politics;


Best wishes

Ivan Lewis

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