Miliband promises action on zero hour contracts

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Ed Miliband has promised action over zero hour contracts if Labour wins the next general election.

Mr Miliband has confirmed that those who were regularly employed using zero hours contracts would be entitled to a regular contract.


Mr Miliband criticised what he called the ‘Victorian’ practice of using zero hour contracts by large companies making big profits with an abundance of work.


Bury South MP Ivan Lewis said: “Whilst we accept that some use of zero hours contracts can be beneficial for both the employer and worker, we simply cannot accept that they should become the norm.  Many people on zero hours contracts find it impossible to get mortgages or indeed rent privately as landlords are reluctant to rent to people who do not have a permanent job.


Allowing people on zero contracts to have permanent contracts of employment when there is clearly sufficient work for this to happen will make things fairer for workers and will benefit the economy.”


Ivan Lewis YOUR MP for bury south

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