Local Community Campaigner Promotes New Credit Union

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Credit Union

Pictured: Eamonn O’Brien



St Mary’s campaigner Eamonn O’Brien is urging local residents to support and join the borough’s new Credit Union, which is being operated in partnership with Manchester Credit Union, Bury Council and Six Town Housing.


He said: “I’ve seen the enormous amount of good Credit Unions can do for everyone in our communities. They are a local and ethical alternative to the risky pay day lenders and destructive loan sharks that many feel they have to turn to.


Members can also deposit money securely, with competitive rates on these savings and potential dividends if there is a surplus.


I’ve joined because I believe the Credit Union will be a force for good for all in our community but only if we all do our best to support it.”


For those interested in joining membership forms can be downloaded here: http://www.manchestercreditunion.co.uk/content.asp?section=4


Or you can join online here: http://www.manchestercreditunion.co.uk/content.asp?section=36

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