Labour’s Pilkington Park Team ON THE DOORSTEP ALL YEAR ROUND

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PICTURED: John Mallon (CENTRE) and a team of Labour Activists out in force in Pilkington Park on Sunday 20 October 2013.




Labour’s Community Activist John Mallon was out knocking doors in Pilkington Park Ward this afternoon with a team of helpers.


The aim was to find out what issues were troubling local residents and how Labour could help.


John said: “We understand that real local representation means being out there in our community and listening to people’s concerns. Its been great speaking to local residents and we will do everything we can to deal with their issues.”


John and his team visited Woodhall Ave, Lindrick Ave, Ringley Drive, Ringley Chase, The Square, Hudswell Close, Leyburn Close, Ten Acre Drive, Kibworth Close, Oakdate Close, Parkstone Ave, Park Lane, Phillips Drive.





PICTURED: John Mallon with

some campaigners on

Hillingdon Drive



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