Labour team in St Mary’s out in force on Butterstile Lane- Tuesday 20 August 2013 @ 6pm

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Your local Labour team in St Mary’s Ward, Prestwich, is always anxious to hear about  issues facing their constituents.  The team consisting of community activist Eamonn O’Brien, Cllr Noel Bayley and Cllr Jane Black will be conducting a roving surgery on Butterstile Lane on Tuesday 20 August 2013  from 6pm.

Eamonn O’Brien said “I think it is really  important to engage with the local community. Politicians shouldn’t just expect people to come to them with their problems. Residents have busy lives which is why we are making the effort to go to peoples’ doorsteps and and see if we can help them in anyway.”


Eamonn O’Brien


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