Labour delivers £2m investment for the village centre

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Bury Council Cabinet meets on March 2nd to decide on a £2m investment plan to improve the High Street running through Prestwich Village. The Prestwich Labour councillors have worked hard to reach this stage.

Members of the public were asked for their views on the scheme, and overwhelmingly supported Option 1, which includes bus lay bays, parking bays, new cycle lanes, a new traffic light junction at Fairfax Road, and single lane traffic aimed to make traffic flow more efficiently. Option 2, with a north bound bus lane, was not supported so will not be part of the scheme.

Says St.Mary’s Councillor Jane Black, Chair of Prestwich Township Forum: ‘This scheme will bring much needed investment to help revive our town, and will pave the way for further actions to improve the high street and the Precinct. Prestwich Labour Councillors are driving the regeneration of this area. No other party has delivered this for our town.’

Adds Paddy Heneghan, Holyrood Councillor: ‘Labour called for over three months of consultation, to ensure people had their say. We listened closely to everyone, and the final plans reflect this. We will be working closely with the Council to make sure the work is carried out with minimum disruption.’

The final plans to go to Cabinet for a decision include changes made as a result of the consultation. Clifton Road will remain two-way, with traffic flow studied to analyse the effect of this. There will be changes to the on-street parking proposals, and joint work done with Transport for Greater Manchester on the sequencing of the traffic lights through the village.

Andrea Simpson, Sedgley councillor says: ‘We will work with business and with local residents to make sure the environmental improvements are built into the plans, including gaining sponsors for street trees and planting.’

The full Cabinet report will be available on the Bury Council website. A special webpage has been created which will be updated as the plans progress:


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