Labour Campaigner Eamonn O’Brien delivers for residents on Butterstile Lane

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Butterstile Lane Road Resurfacing

Pictured: Eamonn O’Brien. Works have recently been undertaken to improve sections of  the surface of Butterstile Lane.




St Mary’s Ward Labour candidate Eamonn O’Brien has welcomed the recent works along the lower portion of Butterstile Lane to improve the road surface. He said: “As a resident of Butterstile Lane I know first-hand that the road surface needs improving. This limited work is a good start but more needs to be done.”


Having spoken to other local residents on a recent door knocking session there has been a renewed call for further action. Eamonn added: “One of the big issues my neighbours and I face is the vibration of passing buses, lorries and speeding cars that shakes our houses and part of the problem is the poor road surface. I am happy to announce that after having spoken to Bury Council these initial works will be extended to further along Butterstile.”


Cllr Noel Bayley has also been in touch with local residents, saying: “I have visited residents along Butterstile Lane and heard their concerns on these issues. I will continue to update them and other residents about what we can do about the problem.”

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