Ivan’s response to the IDC Global Food Security report

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Ivan Lewis MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, responding to the International Development Select Committee’s (IDC) report on Global Food Security, said:


“The IDC’s report rightly highlights the importance of supporting smallholder farmers and nutrition interventions to tackle hunger and food security. The Government should heed the IDC’s call to place greater emphasis on nutrition in DfID’s bilateral programmes and in particular focus on social protection and interventions during pregnancy and the early years.


“The scale of hunger and malnutrition is devastating. Over 1 billion people in the world still go hungry and every year 2.3 million children die from the effects of malnutrition. With the G8’s ‘Nutrition for Growth’ event this weekend, the Government has an opportunity to show global leadership on this issue and turn its rhetoric into substantive commitments to increasing DfID’s funding to support nutrition interventions.”

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