Ivan Lewis slams Royal Mail Privatisation

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Tory “fire sale” of treasured national institution is the falsest of economies


In response to the news that members of the Bury and Bolton branches of the CWU are planning strike action early next month, Bury South MP Ivan Lewis has condemned the Government’s proposal to privatise one the country’s most treasured institutions.


Ivan Lewis said: – “I think the widespread opposition to the proposed privatisation of the Royal Mail, not simply from the Unions, but groups as diverse as the Conservative Bow Group and the Countryside alliance demonstrate the short sighted nature of the Tory/Lib Dem Government’s plan.”


“Floating the shares of the Royal Mail on the stock exchange and selling them on the cheap to private institutions is very short sighted. Most commentators agree that this is being done to plug the gap in the Government’s finances as opposed to being in the real long interests of the organisation.”


“I am genuinely concerned about the impact on services for consumers and the effect that it will have on the hard working Royal Mail staff in Bury.”


Ivan Lewis MP.

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