Ivan Lewis MP’s response to Bury Council’s changes to Bin Collection

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Ivan LewisI have been contacted by a number of residents about Bury Council’s changes to bin collections.

I understand people’s concerns at the impact this decision will have on their households and will be raising these concerns with senior representatives of the Council as a matter of urgency. However, it is important local people are aware of the context for this decision.  The cuts being imposed by the Con/Dem Government on Bury Council are unprecedented and mean many front line services are at risk.  £38 million pounds has been cut since 2011 with another £32 million pounds having to be cut over the next two years.



In total Bury Council’s budget has been cut by approximately 50% over a five year period.  In addition to this dire overall situation the Council has been forced to unnecessarily spend approximately £7 million  on disposal of waste (such as at landfill) that could have been recycled had waste been placed in the appropriate bins.





With regard to the specific proposals I have been informed that bins are to be collected on a weekly basis with a greater emphasis on recycling.  Residents will now have the blue bins (for plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, food/drinks cans & aerosols) and green bins (for paper and cardboard) collected on three weekly cycles as opposed to the current four weekly cycle to provide a greater opportunity to dispose of waste capable of being recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Brown bins (for garden and food waste) will be emptied once every two weeks.



In the weeks and months ahead I hope people of all political persuasion and none will come together to fight for a Fair Deal for Bury and send a clear message to this Government that enough is enough.


If you have any further questions at this stage please feel free to contact me.

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