“Irresponsible dog owners clean up your act” – Cllr Jane Black

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As a ward councillor in St Mary’s, I have lost count of the number of times that residents have contacted me about dog fouling. In the last few weeks alone I’ve been told about mess at the pedestrian crossing on Bury New Rd, and on many roads close to schools, including along Highfield Rd and Butterstile Lane. One father told me about his child riding his bike over dog mess on the way to the local swing park.  He wrote ‘I realised my son had ridden through excrement, spread it onto his shoes and then found it all over my coat, gloves and trousers. My son was disappointed at having to leave the park so soon, whilst I couldn’t wait to get home.’


Another person wrote: ‘I have just been to St. Mary’s park to play tennis and I was disgusted at the amount of dog excrement in the courts, some of which seems to have been there for some time.  Talking to local dog walkers it seem this happens mostly at night when people aren’t around to challenge people talking their dogs into the court area’.


And last Sunday I and other Labour councillors were out talking to residents in Carr Clough, where we saw for ourselves the large amount of dog fouling on the main and side roads on the estate.


This isn’t only a problem in our streets and parks. Another resident wrote to me about the mess left behind on Prestwich Clough. Just because this is an off road site it doesn’t make it a dog toilet.


I am a dog walker, and never go out without a stash of dog waste bags – they are cheap to buy and available everywhere.


This is a longstanding problem, on the increase and is unacceptable. Most dog owners are responsible, but the mess is increasing, and it is time for us to say loudly that Prestwich doesn’t tolerate dog poo! Prestwich Labour councilors invite you to take a stand with us against dog fouling in this area.  We need your help, ideas and involvement.


Councils do have enforcement powers, so if you have evidence to prove someone is allowing their dog to foul an area, you can report it to the Contact Centre either using the Report it online form on the Council’s website or by calling 253 5353.  But given the large number of dogs and the difficulty of catching dog owners ‘in the act,’ increased community awareness and education needs to be at the root of changing behaviour. My view is that this is anti-social behavior, carried out with no thought for the consequences for others.  Contact us on prestwichlabour@yahoo.com or 773 5500.


Councillor Jane Black

St. Mary’s ward

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