“Credit Union can make real difference” says Radcliffe Councillor

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Pictured: Councillor Rishi Shori with his Credit Union Membership Card



Cllr Rishi Shori is seeking support from Bury residents to join the borough’s new Credit Union.


The Credit Union which was launched at the end of October is being operated in partnership between Manchester Credit Union, Bury Council and Six Town Housing.


Cllr Shori who is Chair of Bury’s Health & Wellbeing Board and the politician responsible for Six Town Housing said:-


“Christmas is an expensive time of the year. We need to keep people out of the clutches of pay day lenders and loan sharks. Having a service in place where people can borrow money at affordable levels is therefore vital.


But the credit union can also provide a great way for people to save money and get good rates of savings on their deposits. Members of the Credit Union will also be entitled to receive a dividend at the end of the year if there are surpluses.


Any money deposited at the Credit Union is protected by the Financial Conduct Authority up to a total of £85,000, so utilising the Credit Union is as safe as using a high street bank.


This is an ethical way to save and the benefits can be shared by the whole community, but only if the whole community gets behind it.


That is why i’ve joined the Credit Union and I would urge others to do the same.”


More information about the Credit  Union can be found on the Bury Council  on



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