Community unites for Radcliffe Christmas Lights

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The future of Radcliffe’s Christmas Lights hangs in the balance. Negotiations between Bury Council and Radcliffe Traders have broken down with the traders unable to contribute anything towards the installation of the lights.

In other areas such as Ramsbottom, Bury, Whitefield and Prestwich local traders pay for the installation.



The total amount required to fund the installation of the lights is £3250. A total of £750 has been contributed by Radcliffe Township Forum leaving an outstanding balance of £2500 to find.



Following a meeting between the Radcliffe Carnival Committee, Bury South MP Ivan Lewis, and Radcliffe West Councillor Rishi Shori it was agreed that all possible steps would be taken to ensure that the remaining balance was found as soon as possible.


A spokesperson for Radcliffe Carnival said “This is not an ideal situation, but Radcliffe residents need to show that we are willing to fight for these lights and do what we can to ensure they go up. There is a Christmas Fun Day taking place in Radcliffe on 30 November (9.30am – 3pm) at the Piazza Band Stand and Market Hall. People will be able to make donations on the day towards meeting the outstanding costs of the lights.”


Ivan Lewis MP said “I will do everything in my power to ensure that we find the outstanding monies working with groups like the Carnival Committee and other community groups. I will be writing out to local businesses in Radcliffe and beyond to see if any of them are willing to help. ”


Cllr Rishi Shori added “We can either complain about things or try and get the job done. I will be exploring if there is any further grant funding available, in addition to the £750 already given by the Township Forum to help reduce the balance needed.  It is a time when we all need to dig deep and help where we can which includes Councillors, community groups and residents. Together we can do this.


People will be able to make donations via collection buckets that the Radcliffe Carnival Committee are making available at the ‘Radcliffe Fun Day’ on 30 November specifically, to raise funds for the Christmas Lights.

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