Community called to back Secondary School in Radcliffe @ PUBLIC MEETING ON 5/12/13

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radclifferiversideBury South Labour MP Ivan Lewis & Radcliffe Councillors Rishi Shori, Nick Parnell and Peter Bury met with Aaron Hepworth of the Radcliffe Independence Party on Sunday 10 November 2013.


It was agreed that the parties would jointly hold a public meeting on 5 December 2013 at 7pm at Radcliffe Riverside  to assess the current situation regarding plans for a new Secondary School in Radcliffe, evaluating the resources available and devise a plan for implementation.


Mr Hepworth, who came to prominence by setting up the Radcliffe Independence Party in response to false claims in the local media that no Christmas Lights would be put up in Radcliffe Town Centre said:


“It was a really productive initial meeting. All I want is what is best for Radcliffe and for it to be a town that my children can access the same opportunities as other kids in the borough. Having met with Ivan Lewis and the Councillors I can see that they want the same thing.


Bringing a secondary school to Radcliffe is a top priority and we will begin working on that with Mr Lewis and the Councillors immediately.


We will continue to scrutinise the work of elected politicians to ensure the voices of Radcliffe residents are heard but also work with them in the best interests of the Town.”


Bury South MP Ivan Lewis said: “I found the meeting really useful. Aaron has a lot of good ideas and is passionate about the Town. I am determined to find a way for Radcliffe to get a new Secondary School but we will need the support of Radcliffe people if we are going to succeed. I hope as many people attend the December meeting as possible.”


Radcliffe West Councillor Rishi Shori added “I am glad that the Radcliffe Independence Party is willing to fight hard for the future of Radcliffe and willing to work with us on School issue. However, this isn’t something that can be achieved by political parties alone. We need the community to back us, particularly those parents that currently have kids in Primary Schools who will have no High School to go to when Radcliffe Riverside closes next year.

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