Cllr Alan Quinn provides spade used to cut first sod for new FC United ground

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fc ground 037Cllr Alan Quinn shows off the spade that was used to cut the first turf for FC
United’s new ground. Alan donated the spade which was made by Bulldog Tools in
Wigan, the factory is threatened with closure and relocation to Indonesia. Alan
stated “yet again we are seeing British companies being asset stripped, work
sent abroad and workers thrown on to Cameron and Clegg’s social scrap heap.
Whatever happened to the promise of rebalancing the economy? Recently we have
seen Royal Navy tanker orders given to Korea, Tata steel announcing redundancies
because of the construction slow down and St Helens glass closing. You cannot
run a country on casino banking and health spas, we need to manufacture! This
was a show of solidarity and support to the Bulldog workers in Wigan from FC
United of Manchester.”

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