‘Carers are our unsung heroes’ says Ivan Lewis

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PICTURED: Ivan Lewis taking questions at Bury Carer’s Centre.


On a recent visit to Bury Carers Centre, Ivan Lewis reiterated his view that Carers are the unsung heroes of the community. The visit which took place last Friday involved a question and answer session with carers,  covering topics such as the use of so called “15 Care Slots” and future of funding for Adult Social Care.



Ivan commented: “I love coming to the Carers Centre and hearing the views of those at the proverbial coalface when it comes to the delivery of care. Their passion and dedication is to be respected but we should not forget the practical reality that if people did not fulfil these caring roles a huge financial burden would fall on already stretched public services. On that basis, whichever way you want to look it, carers are community heroes.”


Ivan is scheduled to make a return visit to the centre  early in the New Year.

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