Bury Council’s changes to bin collection : UPDATE

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Ivan LewisI would like to thank those people that have contacted me with their concerns about the Council’s proposed changes to the grey bin collection.


Some of the feedback I have received so far includes:-

* some people do not have the full complement of recycling bins so as it stands they will not be able to put recyclable waste that is currently going into the grey bin into an alternative;

* there are concerns that by reducing the grey bin collection this will increase rates of fly tipping;

* those with larger families will be adversely affected, and those with young children who are still using nappies will not be able to cope with a three weekly grey bin collection;

* in some areas there are already existing issues with vermin and there is a feeling that the change will only make the situation worse;

* people who recycle already do not believe they will be able to recycle any further as their recycling bins are full;

* some people have commented that they will be able to cope with the change as they have capacity in their grey bin and the increased collection rates of the blue and green bins (from 4 to 3 weeks) will assist;



I think it is important to acknowledge that we have many different types of households in Bury all of which will have different issues. For example we have 25,000 single households and another 25,000 households with only two occupants. Obviously the change will not affect these households as much as people with larger families, very young children or those who live in flats that share communal bins.


There are approximately two and half months before the changes take place on 6 October 2014.


I want to get as many views as I can from members of the public in relation to how they think the changes can be implemented effectively, taking into account the issues that have been raised with me.


I will be monitoring the situation closely and holding the Council to account for ensuring the new system is implemented in a way which is sensitive to the needs of households and has minimum impact on the community.


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