Alan asks Ed to buy British aircraft

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Sedgley Labour councillor Alan Quinn was part of a Unite the Union delegation from BAE Systems that recently met with the Labour leader, Ed Miliband.


This delegation asked Ed to ensure that a future Labour government will order new Hawk trainer aircraft to replace the RAF’s fleet of ageing aircraft, due to go out of service in 2018. Alan who is a skilled fitter at BAE, said, “It’s inconceivable that the world famous Red Arrows should be flying foreign aircraft, they epitomise the best of British and the professionalism of our armed forces. How could we ask other air forces to buy the Hawk if the Red Arrows flew  foreign aircraft, what sort of endorsement is that?.”


The aircraft would be made at BAE’s sites in Lancashire and provide 10,000 jobs. “These would be skilled, well paid jobs making world class products, this is the type of jobs we need to back instead of the dead end, zero hours, low skill, low pay jobs of Tory, sweatshop Britain” added Alan. ‘The meeting was very positive, and Ed has agreed to visit the BAE factory as soon as he is able. Many thanks to Ivan lewis MP for helping to arrange this meeting.”


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