5 reasons you should vote Labour in the Prestwich Local Election

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Despite big cuts to government grants received by Bury Council, first introduced by the Coalition and  continued by the Conservatives, Prestwich Labour has continued to stand up for local people and make a positive difference.

Before you head to the polling stations for the local elections this May, we wanted to highlight just a few of the things we’ve achieved in recent years.

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Prestwich Labour councillors have been instrumental in pressing for a major redevelopment of the Longfield Precinct. The announcement of the deal between Muse Developments and The Hollins Murray Group, who own the shops on the precinct, hopefully means we will finally see the Longfield Shopping Centre redeveloped. We’re confident this will be a welcomed by many residents and will be asking for your views in the coming months as plans are put together for its regeneration.

With your help, we aim to create a lively high street, full of independent retailers, that adds to the vitality of the town.




In a period that’s seen budgets for northern councils squeezed tighter than ever, we’ve managed to help secure a £2 million funding package for improvements to Prestwich Village High Street.


Also, following three months of consultations with local residents on the development of Prestwich High Street, we incorporated the views of respondents, who overwhelmingly supported improvements to Bury New Road, including bus lay-bys, parking bays and a new traffic light junction at Fairfax Road.




After a lengthy closure Croft Lane is open again

At a time when getting affordable housing is so difficult for people we’ve supported Six Town Housing’s £2.5 million investment in improving the housing stock in the Prestwich area.


We’ve also succeeded in getting the two derelict houses on Heys Road demolished, following a gruelling three-year battle. As well as being a blight on the landscape for the past 17 years, the properties were the scene of several instances of anti-social behaviour, including an arson attempt.




Your Labour councillors have been striving to make Prestwich a safer and better place to live, rolling out a phased introduction of 20 MPH schemes across all residential roads and replacing aging streetlights with powerful new LED lights, which are both brighter and more energy-efficient.


We’re also overseeing the refurbishment of four playgrounds in Prestwich, ensuring our local play areas will continue to be kept in good condition for the foreseeable future.





While we’ve welcomed the benefits brought by the Parklife events over the last four years, we’ve also not been afraid to stand up to the organisers and ensure those living nearby aren’t adversely affected.


Prestwich Labour have played a key role in representing the views of local residents who were affected by these mega concerts and have played a key role in bringing about improvements to minimise any negative impact on the area.


Your Turn


We hope you’ll be voting Labour this May, but if you’ve got any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter – or contact your local councillors directly here.


And if you’re not sure if you can make it on polling day – make sure your voice is heard. Register for a postal vote today.

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